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You are not sure whether you will be able to complete it? You would rather not to invest your money yet in taking a course? Don't you worry! We offer you 50% of the course totally free or charge, as well as the files generated during those chapters. After that, going ahead with the course is your choice.

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Why Dreamweaver?

Nowadays it's one of the most complete, useful and versatile applications to create any type of website or web application. No matter if you know the software or you have never seen it, we invite you to discover it, as your developement quality will improve and will provide you with a series of wonderful tools

I have been over 10 years in the world of Web development. I started with Frontpage and then I tried several versions of Dreamweave, so I can assure this is a "must have" programme if you want to create webpages, once you know how to handle it. I invite you to start my tutorials. 50% of the chapters are free, and if after that you decide not to pay for the rest, at least I'm convinced you will have learnt a lot of things.

Why PHP?

PHP is one of the most widely used languages when developing webpages. It's perfectly integrated with Dreamweaver. Its capability to be used with MySQL databases makes it an even more powerful development tool.

Don't worry if you don't know ANYTHING about PHP, or if you just know a little, or if you are a designer who doesn't want to get involved in these programming things. If you follow my videotutorials step by step, you will learn without noticing it. Zero risk. In the worst of the cases, you will have lost 7 minutes watching the first video. But I'm so sure that it will not be like that, that I offer you half the course for free, no need to subscribe, or thanking me, or whatever they ask you anywhere else.

What do I need to start up?

You will need Dreamweaver CS5, You can get a sample 30 days copy in the Adobe website. You can also use these tutorials with the 5.5 version. With previous versions of Dreamweaver you might miss some functions, but you will be able to work anyway.

You need to install a Web server in your computer. I recommend Wamp, although there are many others, both for Mac and PC. And it's for free.

It's also pretty interesting having Navicat, although the phpMyAdmin included with Wamp can also make do.

It's up to you using Photoshop to create your own designs, but it's completely optional.

And an enormous will to learn! THAT is compulsory!

Quick comments This is one of the most exciting courses I have ever taken. Thank you, Jorge! Great Page man!

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1 You will learn how to handle Dreamweaver.

2 You will be able to create from scratch any webpage you want.

3 You will be able to run your own webpage creation business

4 You will have a student community that will be able to help you.

5 You will achieve independence to carry out any type of programming