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For the payment to be legal and comply with the European regulations, an e-mail must be sent, including:
- counterfoil of the deposit / transfer
- full name
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- full address
- country
to this e-mail address

Without these data, payment will not be considered as finished, and links will not be sent. It takes between 2 and 3 days to receive the link with the necessary data to access the videos, depending on the means of payment used.

Videos will be available online only. If you need to download them, the cost of such download is shown in the tables below. Personalised queries can be done via e-mail during 30 days after the first subscription with preferential rights. However, and as you can see in the Blog, we always provide an answer to anything.

For any doubt you may have, please contact us via e-mail (, telephone (669126284) or via feedback page.

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Inscription Videotutorial Online shop with Dreamweaver and PHP

The "Online shop" course is completed with two suscriptions, with a total of 50 chapters.
- 25 chapters, from 1 to 25: FREE
- 10 chapters, from 26 to 35 : Suscription 15,00* euros.
- 15 chapters, from 36 to 50 : Suscription 25,00* euros.
- Includes download links for the explained codes.
*IVA not included. El IVA is only for CEE countries. Rest of countries or intracommunity operators are free from IVA. You can deduct IVA

Videos to download

You have the chance to download the videos in HighDefinition, in case you prefer watching them without an Internet connection. The supplied files also include all the codes explained during the course.

Videotutorial Online shop:
- 25 chapters, from 26 to 50 : Videos for download 150* euros.


Means of payment

- Bank transfer or bank deposit:

Please state in the concept which course are you paying for, or write "ALL" in case you are buying all of them.

Bankia in Spain:
Account number: 2038-6200-56-3000016538
IBAN: ES37 2038 6200 5630 0001 6538
City: Valencia
Country: Spain

In case you are issuing a bank transfer from outside Spain, you will have to add an 11 euros surcharge as transfer expenses.

- Money Gram:

The basic data you will need are my full name (JORGE VILA DURÁ), the province of destination (VALENCIA), and the ZIP code (46025). You will have to send further mail in order to request any extra data. Transfer expenses to be met by the person issuing payment. In any case, a net deposit of 15, 25, or 40 euros must be effective, depending on the course or courses paid.

- Paypal / VISA / Mastercard:

An extra surcharge of 3 euros is to be added to the basic price as PayPal expenses, as seen in the price list just below the button.
The PayPal account receiving the money is: and this is the link to pay for the suscription:

Paypal prices:
- Tutorial Shop - First part 18,00* EUR
- Tutorial Shop - Second part 28,00* EUR
- Tutorial Shop - Full 43,00* EUR
- Download Shop videos 153,00* EUR

Payment examples

Now we provide you some means of payment examples

From Spain:

- Tutorial online shop (full) paid via transfer: 40* euros
- Tutorial online shop (full) paid via Money Gram;: 40* euros
- Tutorial online shop (first part) paid via Paypal: 18* euros

From outside Spain:

- Tutorial online shop (full) paid via transfer: 51* euros
- Tutorial online shop (full) paid via Money Gram: 40* euros
- Tutorial online shop (first part) paid via Paypal: 18* euros

Quick comments This is one of the most exciting courses I have ever taken. Thank you, Jorge! Great Page man!

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