OpinionsWhy should I trust these courses?

For me the quickest answer is this: the first half of the courses is free, you can access it right now and you can stop reading it if you don't like it. Zero risk for you and, in the worst possible scenario, you will learn interesting things. For sure. But I'm sure if you're interested in the topic, you will return and subscribe for the remaining chapters

-I'm a designer and I know NOTHING about HTML, let it go PHP. Is this course interesting for me? This and other questions are answered in detain in the blog annext to this web.

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Últimas Noticias

Bits and pieces of received e-mails

It's now that you, who are reading this, will not believe a word of what I'm saying, and you will believe I'm making up all the things that will come next. I can assure you my imagination doesn't go that far, and that it would be a nonsense making up this. What is more, feel free to check all the comments in the Blog and in YouTube, regarding the videotutorials.

I will compile here only those that really shocked me, or that seemed curious, so I hope you can have a gist of what those people following the tutorials thought:

---Hello and, above all, many thanks for what you have taught us for free. I also joined in the first part of the shop tutorial. To tell the truth I'm interested in everything, you explain it very well. I'm 61 and it takes me a big effort to think as fast as young people, but this kind of learning has proved to be very useful for my mind---

---First of all I'm delighted with all these videos, which have helped me so much. I'm a student in my 3rd year of Engineering of Information Systems, and this has proved to be very useful, as you faced the topic in a very spectacular way, so let me congratulate you. If I had the money I would purchase it without hesitation, but I'm just not in the position to do so. 

From this very moment I'm deeply thanked to you and I appreciate the time you have devoted to these tutorials.

---and just saying THANK YOU for your tutorials, Jorge!! I've learnt so much with you and I hope to keep on doing so... unfortunately I couldn't afford to pay for a degree, but I love this stuff and I learnt all I know by reading, looking up in Google and above all, thanks to people like you who devote their time to create videotutorials (something very trendy nowadays, and an easy way to learn). Keep on like that!!---

---Hello Jorge, I hope you're fine, I enjoyed a lot your videos and I consider they're just perfect both for those already having some previous notions and for a beginner. Apart from congratulating you, I'd like to see if you can clear some doubts I have: ---

---I've followed your tutorials and to tell the truth, they're excellent, I cannot find the words to thank you all the things I've learnt, when I started I knew nothing---

---I finally reached chapter 25, and I'm really eager to go on. I'm waiting for the suscription information, gorgeous videotutorials, perfectly explained for those who haven't got the slightest idea about web pages, online shops, programming, etc. Among which I must include myself.---

---hello Jorje, first let me congratulate you for your videos, very well explained and easy to understand. Mark that even I understood them! Well, not that much the online shop, I'm a pensioner and I like all this computer stuff, so I took the risk and started both the shoe shop and the webpage tutorials---

---For me this is a challenge as, not having an idea of programming, I'm achieving it with a lot of patience and I'm also learning a lot of things thanks to your tutorials.---

---Jorge congratulations for the course. I have already seen chapter 31 and the course has really overcome by far my expectations. Personally, I've learnt a lot of things and, if I add what I learnt with the online shop...---

---Your PHP and Dreamweaver tutorials sount impressive to me. For once in a lot of time I'm understanding what I thought to be easy and other people make complicated.---

And many more like this, but I don't mean to bore you to death ... it also seemed incredible to me as I kept on receiving this kind of emails, but I'm delighted to receive them. With your permission, I will keep on publishing those motivating messages. You can also submit a quick opinion. Many thanks to you all.

Quick comments This is one of the most exciting courses I have ever taken. Thank you, Jorge! Great Page man!

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