Project "Within the Million"SEO is important.

Through this new section we intend to give the necessary guidelines for your website, whether online store, or sample your services, an online newspaper or blog information is under the first million result of Alexa.

We will create short videos of 2-3 minutes showing and explaining the parameters, and most important guidelines to help you evaluate your website. We'll try to find out and discover all those factors that are important regarding the visits of your site.

The videos will be small tips help and advice on various topics related to SEO and everything that can make your site to be properly positioned.

In this first part of the project, we are asking : Who wants to participate? , send us an email with the following information :

  • - Web you want to engage.
  • - Your position in Alexa .
  • - In which tutorial you are registered?

The email where you must send the data is and indicate in the subject "WITHIN THE MILLION "

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Last news

Within the million. SEO Videos

Chapter 1: (8 may 2014)

Pagerank Alexa
First video of the "Within the million" AyZWeb project. In this video we explain briefly the importance of Google Pagerank and universal ranking tool Alexa.
Ch. 1. Pagerank and Alexa. Within the million.

Chapter 2: (9 jun 2014)

Pagerank Alexa
Today we'll talk about linkbuilding or how to get new links to your website.
1st option is writing good and fresh articles to get links, talking about the brand,...
Ch. 2: Linkbuilding or getting new links to your site. Within the million

Chapter 3: (9 jun 2014)

Pagerank Alexa
Have you been infected?, is your site into malware? Calm down, there are several ways of finding out what happened
Ch. 3: Hacked or infected site. Within the million

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